Carlos Pardo's quest - to bring the Death Star II blueprint poster project to life through kickstarter. Would YOU want to own one of these?

On kickstarter, Carlos says: "

My everyday work is about imagining and building new graphic codes, extending usability and improving the overall experience. Two of my many passions are typography and iconography, I've been building my own fonts and icon sets for years, using some for clients, and continuing to work on those tools on my own time.

Evening Times: Copyright: Carlos Pardo / KickstarterCopyright: Carlos Pardo / Kickstarter

Star Wars Death Star II blueporint prototype. Copyright Carlos Pardo.

Two years ago I released a design side project that was the cartography of the roads network of France with a subway map stylization, it was the first part of an ongoing serie. It was a long, complex and a very instructive challenge that fueled my taste for maps. During the process of documentation for that project, I stumbled across a lot of interesting schemes, conventions, blueprints, and started wondering about maps of iconic places or objects that influenced and defined me, as a creative. At one point I was looking back for Star Wars, specially the Death Star that always impressed me by it's monolithic complexity... and I found almost nothing that could go on my workshop walls, only small 3D schemes and a few screen captures...

Evening Times: Death Star blueprint prototype: Copyright Carlos PardoDeath Star blueprint prototype: Copyright Carlos Pardo

Star Wars Death Star II blueporint prototype. Copyright Carlos Pardo.

The idea grew and as soon as I completed my France roads cartography, I started documenting and designing my own interpretation of the Death Star, model II.

2 years of determination and more than 400 work hours later, the lost blueprint is almost complete."

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