IT IS a touching tribute to a loved one – and it helps raise vital funds for a cause which means so much to many.

The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice’s annual Light Up A Life appeal, supported by the Evening Times, gives people the chance to remember loved ones who have died.

Hundreds of families add a light to the Christmas tree at the hospice in Carlton Place, or create a ‘virtual’ light on the website, making a donation at the same time.

Last year the appeal raised more than £28,000.

Lisa McDougall, from Rutherglen, and her family are remembering her grandfather Malcolm Robb who died at the hospice in August 2011.

Former electrician Malcolm, who lived in Kinning Park, found great comfort and support from the dedicated team, as Lisa explains.

“My grandad was very upbeat during his time at the hospice,” she smiles. “He loved golf and would always talk about going for a round or two.”

“He also loved music – especially singers like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble - and often asked the nurses to turn up the radio. He loved the complementary therapies too, they always made him feel a bit better.”

She adds: “The hospice was a huge support to my grandad, the staff were all amazing. The chaplain, Leslie Edge spent a lot of time with him.”

Lisa, who is the hospice’s reception services co-ordinator, and her family set up a tribute fund in memory of Malcolm.

She says: “Light Up a Life gives people the opportunity to remember the lives of our loved ones. It’s a lovely way to celebrate their life.”

The services to mark this year’s appeal took place recently at St Andrew’s Cathedral, followed by the tree light switch-on at the hospice. The names of those remembered were included in a special order of service and are printed below.

Linda Abdulaziz

Rose Abruzzese

Camille Abruzzese

Frank Adams

Anne Aitken

John Cook Aitken

Annabelle Wilson Aitken

Tricia Aitken

Bill and May Alexander

Margaret Allan

Maureen Allison

Patsy Anderson

George Bagan

Anna Bailey

Hope and Bill Baird

Tommy Baird

Alistair Bannerman

Marjorie Bannerman

Archie Bannerman

George Barbour

Margaret Barclay

Thomas Barrett

Mary Crawford Bassett

John Beaton

Betty Bell

Robert Bellingham

Stuart Bendall

Margaret Bissett

Chrissie Blair

Margaret Blake

Joseph Blake

Nellie Blakeley

Jack Boyd

Bill Brannan

John Brawley

Cathy Brawley

Joseph Brawley

Arnold Brosgall

Evelyn Brosgall

William Brown

Agnes Brown

Bobby Brown

Colin Brown

June Brownlie

Beatrice Bruff

Jacqueline Bryson

Judy Buchan

Julie Buckley

Wyn Burgess

William Burnett

Pamela Burnett

Arthur Burns

Jane Burns

Leo Burns

Carla Burns

Mary Burns

Robert Burns

Margaret Burns

William Busby

Elizabeth Busby

Matilda Cairney

Helen Callaghan

James Callaghan

May Callaghan

Agnes Callard

William Callard

Mike Calpin

Amy Cameron

Bobby Cameron

Colin Campbell

Annie Campbell

Mary Campbell

Marion Campbell

Joel Carabok

Tommy Carfrae

Fiona Cherry

Charlie Clark

Cathy Clark

Anne Clark

Kit Connell

Tom Connelly

Bernard (Bernie) Connolly

Arthur Forbes Conroy

Rita Cook

James Costello

Charles Costello

Patsy Cowan

Margaret Crabb

Mary Cranston

Fraser Crawford

Bob Crinean

Nan Crofts

Betty Croke

Barbara Anne Cunningham

Catherine Currie

Yvonne Mary Davies

Peggy Dawson

Loredana De Caris

Ross William Devine

Paul Devine

James Dick

Annie Dick

Robert Dick

Thomas Keir Dickson

Jim Dickson

John Dow Donaldson

Maurice Dougan

Elsie Douglas

Jimmy Douglas

Elizabeth Doyle

James Doyle

Peter and Margaret Dragoonis

William Drennan

Ina Drummond

Rose Duffy

Mary Rose Duffy

Lilian Duggan

Harry Duggan

Louise Dunnachie

Jeannie Edgar

The Ross Family

The Russell Family

The Stubbings Family

The Paterson Family

McKenna Family

Banks Family

Agnes Feeney

Minnie and Alec Ferns

Tommy, Robert and Alexander Ferns

Mary Findlay

William Findlay

Betty Finlayson

Bert Finlayson

Marie Fitzpatric

Peggy Foley

Ann Foley

James Foley

Thomas Foley

Brian Forbes

Irene Forbes

Alex Forrest

Mary Forrest

Anne Francis

Jennifer Fiona Frew

Billy Galbraith

Honor Gallacher

Pat and Annie Garrity

Martin and Jean Garrity

Thomas Garrity

Margaret Gemmell

Jimmy Gemmell

Myra Gibbon

Catherine Gill

Dr Anne Gilmore

Rena Glasgow

Tilly Glasgow

Elizabeth Gordon

Phyllis Gordon

John Gordon

Georgina Gray

Ronald Greenhill

Duncan Greir

Edward Hammond

John Joe Hanlon

John Harbison

Alex Hardie

Janet Hardie

Phil Haswell

Sarah Healy

Martin Heathcote

Gaga Henderson

Catherine Hendry

John Hendry

Rose Hepburn

William Hepburn

Archie Higgins

Tommy and Annie Higgins

Jack Holmes

Robert Holmes

Jean Holmes

Margaret Howie

David Hughes

Jean Hughes

Jim Hughes

Maryan Hughes

James and Norah Hunter

Andrew Gordon Hurst

Douglas Hutchinson

Janet Inglis

William Irons

Walter and Betty Jagla

Jean Jeffrey

Dorene Johnston

John Johnston

George Johnstone

Anna Keeney

Tommy Kelly

Marion Kelly

Laura Kelly

Allan Kennedy

Robert Kerr

Sandra Kerr

David Kewley

George Kilgour

Margaret and Chris Kilgour

Linsay Killeen

Patricia Kingsley

Konrad Kubicki

Elizabeth Alexander Laing

John Lalley

Bill Lamb

John (Iain) Lamont

Jack and Rose Lane

Marie Lauder

Agnes Lees

Michelle Leith

Andy and Fran Leith

Fr Peter Lennon

Nan Lennox

Jimmy Lennox

Russell Lockhart

Nelson Lockhart

Young Russell Lockhart

John Lorimer

Mary Lorimer

Catherine Lorimer

Violet Gray Loudon

Bernie Love

Freddie Lynch

Ann Lyndsay

Hugh Macadie

Carlynn MacDonald

Edward Macfarlane

Andrew MacKenzie

Dougie Mackie

Agnes MacLeod

Alex MacLeod

Jim Macpherson

Harry Madden

Peggy and Alex Malcolm

Bill Marsh

Agnes Martin

Joseph Martin

Madge Martin

William and Joseph Martin

Eddie and Pat Martin

Patrick Masterson

Anna McAlaney

Thomas McAlaney

Glen McArthur

Becky McAulay

Roddy McAulay

Donald McAulay

John McCartney

John McClafferty

John Kieran McClafferty

Don McColl

Marie McColl

Bessie McCulloch

John McCulloch

David McCusker

William McDaid

Sylvia McDougall

Arthur McErlane

Elizabeth McErlane

June McErlane

Frances McGarvey

Helen McGarvey

Gerry McGeachy

John McGilway

Catherine McGinlay

Joseph McGloin

Vincent McGlone

Chris and Doris McGovern

Grace McGowan

Mary McGroarty

Tony McGroarty

George McGroarty

James McGroarty

Gerard McGroarty

Marion McGroarty

Alice McGuinness

Elizabeth McGuinness

Margaret McGuire

Maisie McGuire

Mary McIlroy

Elizabeth McIntyre

Mr McIntyre

Mrs McIntyre

Bob McKay

Pat and Danny McKay

Henry McKelvie

Elizabeth McKenna

Myra McKenzie

Andrew McKenzie

Mairi McKenzie

Archie McKenzie

Jeanie McKimmie

William McKimmie

Jim McKinlay

Andrew McKinlay

Bernadette McKinlay

Margaret McKinlay

Richard McKirkle

M J McKissock

David McLaren

Mary (May) McLaughlin

Michael McLaughlin

Alan McLeish

Robert McLoughlin

James Watt McLure

Neil McMillan

Patrick McNamee

Margaret McNamee

Jean McPhie

Annie McPhillie

James McQuilken

David McShane

Annette McTaggart

Louisa McTaggart

David McTaggart

Stewart McVey

Rose McVicar

John McVicar

Sunny McWilliams

Elizabeth Meehan

Patrick Meehan

Ellen Meldrum

Sarah Louise Mellon

Nan Mercer

Amanda Middleton

Maisie Millar

Alison Miller

Janice Miller

Alison Miller

Janice Miller

Nessie Miller

Grace Mitchell

Harry Moon

Martin Mooney

Marie Mooney- Kelly

Patricia Mooney-McKellar

James Moore

William More

Margaret Morrow

Tommy Muego

George and Maria Muir

Vera Murchie

Tom Murchison

Mary Murchison

John Murdoch

Christine Murdoch

Maureen Murphy

Bill Murphy

John Murphy

Mary Murray

Ian Neeson

Angus Noble

Veronica O'Brien

Barry O'Brien

Daniel O'Donnell

Annie Park

Jimmy Park

John H Parker

Stuart Patterson

Billy Patterson

David Phinn

Steven Pinn

Flora Reilly Polari

Anne Provan

Rena Reid

Aileen Rennie

Robert Reynolds

Eddie Reynolds

Calum Richardson

Malcolm Robb

Ruby Robertson

Peter Robertson

Janet Robertson

Christine Robertson

David Rocks

Kenneth McKenzie Ross

Janette Ross

Ewen Ross

Kathleen Ross

Miss Rena Ross

Thomas Rushford

Catherine Russell

Margaret Ruthven

Mamie Ryan

Frank Ryan

Frankie Ryan

Mick Ryan

Pam Saunders

John Scott

Elizabeth Scott

Christine Scrimger

William Scullion

John Shalloo

Denise Sharkey

John Shaw

Robert Shearer

Derek Shearer

William Silvestro

Mr and Mrs W Silvestro

Victor Simms

Gordon Simpson

Barrie Small

Bill Smith

Dale and Tess Smith

Agnes Smith

Alex Speirs

James Speirs

David Stark

Jack Stewart

James (Jim) Stewart

Shirley Susskind

Bill Taggart

Alan Tangny

Maureen Taylor

Margaret Taylor

James Taylor

John Wilson Thomson

Mary Thomson

Bernard Thomson

David Thomson

Matthew Thomson

Graham James Tilley

Ian Tomlinson

Graeme Turner

George Unwin

Alex Urbanowski

May Ure

Jean Urquhart

John Urquhart

Billy Usher

Evelyn Waddell

Kathleen and George Walsh

John J Walsh

Betty Walsh

Mitch Watson

William Watson

Annie Watson

Margaret Watson

Jim Watt

Frank Watt

Freddie Watt

Mabel Weston

Vivian Weston

Helen White

Alex White

Yvonne Whitlock

Granny Whyte

Agnes Williamson

Robert Williamson

Mark Williamson

Brian Wilson

Fiona Winn

William Winn

Bill Wood

Alicia Wood

Charles Wood

Tom Wyper




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