DERELICT buildings across a Glasgow constituency could be transformed with the help of local residents, according to a city MP.

Anne McLaughlin, SNP MP for Glasgow North East is hoping to use help residents in her constituency have more control over what to do with crumbling buildings and empty spaces.

Some of the most noticeable areas the MP hopes could be regenerated by locals include Greenview school and the Winter Gardens in Springburn.

Ms McLaughlin said: "Glasgow North East has an abundance of derelict buildings and land.

"It's not nice to wake up and see these things outside your home, and the fantastic people who live in my constituency deserve better than this.

"I'd love to see these buildings taken over by the people of Glasgow North East and used to benefit the area.

"Everyone who has walked past an abandoned building has thought about what potential uses it could have."

The MP will meet with Community Empowerment minister Marco Biagi this week to discuss ways to use the Scottish Government's Community Empowerment Act in her constituency.

She said: "My team and I want to lead the change in Glasgow North East, but we need help from the communities who live here.

"What has really struck me in the time I have lived and worked in this area is the abundance of talent, passion and enthusiasm people here have, and I want to support people in channelling their efforts to improve the area.

"That's why I'm meeting with Marco Biagi MSP this weekend, to talk about new powers the Community Empowerment Act can give to groups, for instance, community buyouts of derelict buildings."

Along with developing ways of using the Act, which was introduced in 2014, Ms Mclaughlin also plans to take on a new member of staff to work on a three month project to tackle the problem.

The new employee will be one of two new project workers at the MP's office, with the other member of staff working on employability and economic development.

Ms McLaughlin said anyone is able to apply for the position but she would "love to hear from" people in the constituency who would be interested in working on the project.

She added: "We want to be able to provide as much support as we can for people who want to improve their communities.

"I'd really like for more local people to apply for the positions...Traditional qualifications are not as important to me as passion and enthusiasm."

Details on the positions are available from the SNP website or by emailing the MP's office manager -