A bride-to-be’s wedding has been thrown into chaos after a Facebook spat that went too far.

Henia Roy posted in the Facebook group “Blushing Brides Scotland”, asking for advice about payment for dinner at her wedding at Balgonie Castle in Fife.

She wrote: “How many brides are paying for their meal 3 months in front of their special day and also are you being charged full price for children ages from 10 months to 9 year old?”

Evening Times:

When asked which venue she was referring to, Ms Roy wrote: “Don’t want to name the venue as this can cause more conflict I just presumed kids were cheaper they knew what amount of kids were coming”.

Wedding organiser Kelly Morris jumped on the comments, writing: “This is our policy. Every couple pays 3 months ahead of their booking. I am copying this for our solicitor.

“I am sick to death of people getting on here and spouting about our venue”.

The argument went on for some time on Facebook, and many users attacked Kelly Morris’ comments.

One user said: What an absolutely unprofessional way to treat a bride! She didn’t name her venue and was only asking how/when other people paid. I’m appalled!”

Another said: “You’re wasting your time and your own money here. She has done nothing wrong. She never mentioned Balgonie. That was you! So yeah good luck with that.”

Evening Times:

Balgonie Castle issued a statement on their official Facebook page, saying: “I have phoned our solicitor and will seek legal advice as I am sick to death of people not wanting to abide by their contract and going onto wedding blogs to complain.”

Ms Morris’ Facebook ranting continued and she posted ““I am GD sick of these f***ing people who think it is alright to complain to public Social Media pages yet the owner cannot step in and say wait a minute this is not correct.

“I have cracked, I have had all I can take.”

Evening Times:

Speaking to the Daily Record, Bride-to-be Henia Roy said: “It is shocking. I can’t believe this. It has went nuts, I have no idea what is going to happen.

“But I won’t be getting married at Balgonie Castle now, let’s put it that way.”

Balgonie Castle have since written a full statement on their website which says: We are sorry to learn of a recent campaign on social media targeting our business and disappointed that this has happened.

“Balgonie Castle will no longer be taking wedding meal bookings. We will provide for the current booked weddings.”

The official Facebook page for Balgonie Castle has also  been deleted since the argument.