A Scottish shopper got more than she bargained for after snapping up a Scots surprise with her new handbag - a potato scone.

Claire Stewart, from Kilmarnock, had purchased the new bag from Glasgow's New Look on Buchanan Street when she discovered the Scottish staple wrapped up in the stuffing.

The furious shopper failed to see the funny side taking to Facebook to write a scathing review to New Look customer services after her wedding outfit was ruined by the stow away.

Claire said: "So I have a wedding today which I got a lovely bag (and outfit) from New Look in Buchanan Street Glasgow last Tuesday. This morning I go to put all my things for the wedding in my bag, so I take all the paper out of the bag it's stuffed with to uncover a rock hard tattie scone!

"The paper is all greasy that was in the bag and the bag stinks of tattie scone?!

"I love a tattie scone New Look but not in my new handbag?! How has this happened?! Disgusting! I shall be returning the bag to the store tomorrow...tattie scone an all!"

A spokesperson for New Look offered an apology for the incident, telling Claire they were 'terribly shocked and concerned'.

Claire's complaint has goner viral after thousands of tickled Scots have shared her post.