A bid by the SNP to scrap a council bonus system has been delayed.

Councillors were due to vote on the Additional Contribution Zone (ACZ) yesterday but ran out of time.

The full council meeting lasts three hours, whether or not business has concluded.

The Evening Times understands that the SNP will table another motion in September.

The ACZ payments - described by council insiders as a “bonus system” - allows executives to reward senior managers with a pay bump if they decide they have made a significant contribution to the local authority’s objectives.

The SNP set out its stall when leader of the group Susan Aitken pledged to remove it if she is council leader after next May’s local elections.

She said the system is “impossible to justify” as Glasgow City Council struggles to find saving of more than £130m in the next two years.

In the three years from January 2013 more than 400 managers who are already paid between £40,000 and £130,000 a year were handed a share of £100,000 in ACZ cash - the majority of them in the chief executive’s top team.

However, the Labour-led council has defended the scheme, arguing that it is “used only in very limited circumstances”.

Executive member for Personnel Cllr Martin Rhodes said: “Using this process saves the city taxpayer thousands of pounds every year.”