ELDERLY, vulnerable and disabled residents are being left with "jungles" in their back yards due to a council plan to save £500,000.

Glasgow City Council's cash-saving plans to review their grass cutting service across the city is causing misery for residents across Pollok, Cardonald and Mosspark.

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Grass in some areas is more than two feet high, while weeds and shrubs are taking over paths and driveways.

Margaret Kennedy from Cardonald says she has not had her grass cut for months, and it is now more than a foot high.

The grandmother-of-three, who requires support from two carers every day, is unable to cut her grass and hedges herself due to her disability,.

The 56-year-old suffered a severe asthma attack more than a decade ago which then triggered a stroke.

Medics battled to save her life after she stopped breathing, but she was left with brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

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She relies on carers for six hours a day to help her and is not capable of tending her garden alone.

She said: "One of my carers phoned the council about the grass but I don't know what happened. It's like a jungle.

"They haven't been for a long time, months it feels like.

"As I have a disability, they come and do it for me but they haven't been."

Another resident living in Mosspark said locals had been told the overgrown greenery was to encourage bees in the area, despite a designated meadow for bees less than 200 metres away in Bellahouston Park.

Elaine McSporran, from Mosspark and Cardonald community council said: "A few [people] querying this were told this was left like this for the bees.

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"The bees have an area in the park to left at Bellahouston Drive, which states it is a bee area.

"Are we expecting a vast number of bees to suddenly descend upon us that the council have not informed us about?

" There are few areas around which need attention.

"Mosspark Avenue, Mosspark Boulevard at the swing park...The length of the Boulevard at the park has been cut at a section, but the rest is still overgrown.

"This is the same with the grass area between the Boulevard and Clunie Road."

The administrations et down their plans to "revise" the services in their budget earlier this year, however residents are only now beginning to notice the effects of the overgrowth.

A council spokeswoman said staff have been asked to check whether any residents gardens have been missed, and added: "said: “The council is facing its biggest ever cut in funding from the Scottish Government.  It has to make savings of £130m over the next two years.

"No part of the council is immune from these budget pressures, but we’re doing everything we can to protect priority areas of education and social work.

" As well as vital savings of £500,000 which will help protect frontline services, the revised maintenance approach to our green and open spaces brings with it environmental benefits, for example increased biodiversity, less carbon emissions, and improved air quality." 

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