A FAMILY has spoken of their terror after being confronted by a gunman during an armed raid in Pollok.

The trio- a father, his son and six-month pregnant daughter - were working in their family shop and post office on Lyoncross Road, Pollok, when the incident happened around 5.10pm yesterday.

The group do not want to be named for fear of repercussions from the would-be thief, but spoke candidly of the frightening incident.

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Speaking to the Evening Times, the son said: "My dad was just standing in front of the counter and me and my sister were behind when this man came in and threw a bag on the counter.

"He said 'right, fill up' and I didn't realise what he meant at first.

"Then I realised he was too covered up.

"He was wearing a black hoodie, and his face was all covered, you could only see his eyes and nose."

The thug then threatened the family at point blank range with what they assume was a gun.

The long, solid item was covered in a black bag.

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The owner explained: " We didn't know if it was a real gun, a toy gun or what. He had covered it with a black bag but we couldn't take any chances - my sister is pregnant.

"I pressed the panic button which locks the tills and we just told him that's what we did. We couldn't give him money.

"When he was talking to me he was distracted and my dad went to the door and said the police were there.

"At the time we were really scared, we panicked, but it was only afterwards when it really hit us what had happened.

"It was so quick."

The culprit fled from the small shop empty-handed, jumping in to the passenger side of a getaway car parked round the corner.

The family have run the grocery shop and a Post Office franchise for the past three years and said they have never had any problems before.

They previously had the post office counter in the opposite corner of the store with a secure front, but say they were told to move it to save money.

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Police are now investigating the bungled robbery, and said: "Around 5.10pm a man armed with what appeared to be a firearm went into the post office. He threatened a staff member and left empty handed.

"Nobody was injured.

"We are continuing enquiries."