A group aimed at taking action against Scotland’s exploitative employers will be targeting 12 businesses across Glasgow today.

Better Than Zero will be highlighting ‘Victorian’ working conditions faced by many in the hospitality sector, particularly over Christmas.

Members of the group, including organiser Bryan Simpson, will be putting 12 demands to employers including ending unpaid trial shifts and paying the minimum wage.

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Better Than Zero, made up of young trade unionists and hospitality workers, will be demonstrating outside the premises as well as talking to workers in a bid to educate them of their rights.

Those they will be targeting include a call centre, a bookies and top hotel chain.

Bryan explains: “We’ve already pinpointed 12 employers based on facts we’ve got on the ground from HMRC.

“We know that we have to focus on the very worst in hospitality, as some don’t even pay the minimum wage.

“In particular we’ll be looking at the G1 Group who were fined two years in a row because they were underpaying staff.”

Bryan added: “We’re also looking at places that time and time again we’re hearing horror stories from.

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“We’ve heard from several people from several branches of Pizza Hut who are being told that their shifts will finish at 11pm but aren’t finishing until past midnight and aren’t getting paid the extra hours.

“We’re not looking to undermine the workers, it’s about making them aware of what they’re entitled to.

“It’s about putting external pressure on employers and raising awareness among staff.”

Tips and transport will also be scrutinised by the group of 30 to 40 campaigners.

Paul Bailey, HR Director of G1 Group said: “As a business, G1 Group does not support Zero Hour Contracts. We employ around 2,000 people across Scotland with contracts including hours to fit employee and business needs.

"We have a robust checking process to ensure compliance for all our employees with regards to both contracted hours and pay.  

"For the third year running we have had very positive reports with regards to Employee Pay from HMRC audits.

“Additionally, we have introduced TRONC as fundamental part of our gratuities process. Ensuring our teams receive 100% of all electronic tips received – paying out in excess of £35,000 in one month.

“Employee engagement remains high on our agenda, so far resulting in a 45% reduction in staff turnover rates. We continue to invest in our people here at G1 Group.”

A spokeswoman from Pizza Hut Restaurants said: “This practice is not reflective of our company policy and we have reminded all our restaurants and managers of this. 

“We will investigate any reported breach on a case by case basis.”
The Better Than Zero Christmas Action campaign will kick off at 5pm at Firewater, the first nightclub in Glasgow to offer its workers a Living Wage.