IT started out as a '"silly" challenge - but now Emma Jayne Saanen's burpeethon is set to raise £10,000 for charity.

As told in the Evening Times last year, Emma Jayne has organised two annual keep-fit challenges to raise money for Scottish Women's Aid.

This year she is setting up the third - and last - mass burpee attempt in a bid to hit her ultimate fundraising total.

The 33-year-old said: "This will be the third and final Burpeethon.

"What's kept me going for so long is the encouragement of other people who have been really into it and really supportive but it's time to wind it up.

"Last year we had the goal of having people perform 20,000 burpees but this year the goals have slightly changed to make it less intimidating.

"Hopefully, being the last one, we can encourage more people than ever before to take part."

Emma Jayne wanted to do something to support the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

She and her Krav Maga group came up with the idea of a burpeethon for Scottish Women's Aid, getting people to exercise to raise cash.

Burpees are a type of exercise that involve jumps and squats.

In 2016 the event raised £4000 and last year £2000 - so this year they have another £4000 in order to hit their target.

In order to do that, Emma Jayne is asking people to perform 40 burpees, or one for each year Scottish Women's Aid has been in existence.

Those who are a bit more game can try to do as many burpees as possible during the four hours the event runs.

Emma Jayne, who has the medical condition fibromyalgia which causes pain throughout the body, said: "Burpees are horrible and nobody likes them, which is why the event is so silly.

"Because of my condition I need to be really careful and make sure I rest plenty and pace myself.

"But even though it's tough, it's good fun on the day and we all had a great time last year."

Emma Jayne is also looking for volunteers to help facilitate the event on the day: counting burpees, looking after participants, taking photographs and video, or offering first aid support.

The event will be taking place at The Arc at Glasgow Caledonian University on Saturday, February 18 from 12.45pm.

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