The recent media attention on Kodi has prompted one of the most popular build developers to take action against people profiting from content they offer for free. 

The irony is that what they provide for free is copyright infringing content such as premium pay-for TV channels, live sport and the latest cinema releases. 

Firstly, Kodi is not illegal. 

But as it is an open-source platform users can easily change the look and feel of their installation. One of the most popular ways to do this is through the use of wizards.

Wizards collate links from build providers - they don't create the content or the builds, just the means to install them. 

These are program add-ons that make it simple for users to install skins, change builds, or even tweak some of the files they already.

There are many wizards offering this service on the internet. 

Evening Times:

The Team want to distance themselves and their product from all sources, add-ons and repositories that may be breaching copuright laws. 

Wizards contain links to builds which stream potentially legally infringing content from paid subscription services including Sky, Virgin Media and BT Sport that users can choose to download. 

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One of the most popular wizards has over 300 builds - undoubtedly the largest collection available and one of its most popular builds has been downloaded over 54,000 times this week already.

This build has been downloaded a staggering 1.76million times in total.

But a recent update encourages users to contact anyone who sold them a pre-loaded Kodi box with their most popular build installed on it.

The message says: "If you have paid for this build please seek a refund from the seller, there are no authorised sellers, you have been conned!!!"

The messgae is displayed as soon as the build loads on Kodi and also appears in the downloads section.

The team behind the wizard appear to be on the side of the end-user and don't want anyone to be out-of-pocket, especially to rogue sellers charging a pricely fee for potentially corrupt content - that often doesn't work. 

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Sales of pre-loaded set-top boxes start from as little as £20 to upwards of £50 and most people know someone who can add a build to Kodi for a small fee.

Evening Times:

The recent arrest of five people for the alleged sale and distribution of fully-loaded illegal TV set-top devices has caused ripples across the world of online streaming. 

In a swoop instigated by the UK's leading intellectual property protection organisation, FACT, on behalf of the Premier League, Sky, BT Sport and Virgin Media, four men and one woman were arrested at locations across Manchester.

They are believed to have made around £250,000 from sales of the fully-loaded boxes across social media and online forums, as well as their own dedicated websites. 

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These devices were pre-loaded with unlicensed add-ons and apps which then allow users to illegally stream content to their TV such as premium pay-for TV channels, live sport and the latest cinema releases.