REDUCING air pollution and and helping the environment could be among the benefits of introducing electric buses to Glasgow, according to Evening Times readers.

We reported how councillors have said bringing electric buses to the city streets should be seriously considered in order to combat the city’s “dangerous” air pollution levels.

Green Councillor Martin Bartos said: “Now is the time to get on board with buying publicly owned electric buses and clean up the dirty diesel buses whose exhausts are poisoning Glaswegians.

“There needs to be a real effort made to clean up the city’s diesel engines.”

The idea of more eco or electric buses has won support of our readers. We took to the streets to find out what people had to say about the idea.

Some were in support of a move towards this, while others said they didn’t mind as along as a good service was being provided.

Here’s what our readers thought:

Kayleigh Arbuckle, 22, Bailleston, student

I think that’s great but I don’t think that enough people make use of public transport as it is.

I think that more people should make use of it before they do that.

I think that a lot should be done just now for pollution I think a lot of people take for granted, like what they do with their daily lives.

I don’t think that Glasgow’s particularly too bad but I know that places that have high levels it’s quite hard for people to live in.

Elaine McKee, 31, Glasgow, student

I think that they would be great, it would be really good for the environment.

I’m for it.

I’m a health care student actually at university and we were talking just the other day about some of the gastrointestinal diseases which are higher because of pollutants and things like that in the atmosphere.

Thomas Inglis, Maryhill, pensioner

As long as they bring back a good service, that’s all that matters.

It’s the quality of the service that’s the best and not disappearing at eight o’clock at night.

Alexander Watson, 18, Glasgow Southside, student

It’s probably a good idea if it’s going to help stop pollution. In Argyle Street when there’s lots of buses coming past, even if you’re just walking past, the air is bad quality.

But I don’t know, I’m sort of cautious about government spending and stuff because I know they spent £50 million since like 2010 building the bus lanes to the hospital and buses have stopped using it and stuff because it’s so inefficient.

So I would be cautious like spending a £1 million if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting.

Maybe if there is other cities that have done it, it would be good to follow that.

I mean they already have bus lanes and stuff just to make things faster.

I mean if people are still going to be taking the bus then it’s probably like the best solution yeah.

Carol Muir, Kirkintilloch, pensioner

It’s a good idea but where would the charging points be?

It sounds okay, it’s probably cleaner than the diesel.

I think it’s a good way to tackle the air pollution.

It’s good for health problems because I think it’s more dangerous than smoking.

Jacqueline Hinshaw, Wishaw, Pensioner

I really have no thoughts about it, I don’t live in the city so I don’t know what the roads are like but I suppose that it’s the way of the future, isn’t it?

But I think that it will come.

The buses especially out my way they’re all falling to bits, you know I think it will come.

The way of the future.