Michelle Mone’s billionaire other half is definitely in for a birthday to remember today, thanks to the Scots businesswoman.

Lady Mone - Tory peer and lingerie tycoon - took to Twitter yesterday to boast about how celebrations for 52-year-old Doug Barrowman’s will be taking place in the House of Lords in London.

Even better is the fact the pair is set to have a “lock in” in one of the most important buildings in the UK.

Mone, 45, said: “How do you break the news to ur partner that his Birthday dinner has moved to @UKHouseofLords Country comes 1st&we are having a lock in?”

Lady Mone, who has over one million followers on the site, received some witty replies from her fans.

One cheeky fan, @GrainneDaly1981, replied: “Subtley on Twitter I guess.”

Barrowman and Mone were revealed to be an item in December last year.

Barrowman - one of the wealthiest men in Britain - has 50 businesses, his own private jet, six homes, and 15 cars.

Just last week, Lady Mone announced to her Twitter followers that she is to retire in three years’ time.

The Glaswegian made the announcement by posting a picture of herself on the social media site soaking up the sun with the caption: “When I sold my baby Ultimo I was retiring but set up many other businesses.

“I’ve decided to retire from the biz&speaking world in 3 years.”

The businessman gave up control of the Ultimo bra business, which she set up with her ex-husband, in 2015.