Football fans who use set-top boxes to stream sources showing Premier League matches for free are in for a shock. 

The Premier League has secured a High Court order allowing it to shut down illegal video streams of football matches on the Kodi media player by blocking access to the computer servers on which they are hosted.

Rights holders could previously only shut down individual streams, which could be reconnected easily through another source or stream, making the fight against online piracy almost impossible. 

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A Premier League spokesman told BBC News the ruling would allow it to target pirates in a more "precise manner".

Evening Times:

The ruling gives the Premier League the ability to disrupt and prevent the illegal streaming of football matches via IPTV and set-top boxes using the likes of Kodi - a popular open-source media player which allows the addition of third party content which might include illegal streams. 

Footie fans who want to watch live football on TV are encouraged to subscribe to official channels such as Sky Sports or BT Sport.

Read more: Could Kodi be dead by the end of the year?

Reminder: Kodi is not illegal, it carries no content. it is how you choose to use it that can cause possible copyright issues.