Glasgow has beaten the likes of Rome, Prague, and Dubai to be named as one of the best cities in the world to live.

Out of 231 cities, Scotland’s biggest rocketed into 53rd place in this year’s Mercer’s Quality of Living survey.

As well as factoring in the highest quality of living, the survey also looks at which cities are attractive destinations for expanding business operations and sending expats on assignment.

Edinburgh has managed make it into the top 50, settling into 45th place.

On the whole, only six UK cities managed to make it into the survey.

Top UK cities with the highest quality of life:

1. London

2. Edinburgh

3= Birmingham

3= Glasgow

5. Aberdeen

6. Belfast

Ilya Bonic, president of Mercer’s careers division, described how economic instability, social unrest, and growing political upheaval all add to “the complex challenge” companies face when analysing quality of living for their expat workforce.

He added: “For multinationals and governments. it’s vital to have quality of living information that’s accurate, detailed, and reliable.”

“In uncertain times, organisations that plan to establish themselves and send staff to a new location should ensure they get a complete picture of the city, including its viability as a business location and its attractiveness to key talent,” Mr Bonic added.