There's no disputing Kodi is fast-becoming the go-to media player whether it's at home, abroad or on the move. 

This free and easily accessible piece of software is a popular platform for watching and listening to your media library or for streaming content from a Smartphone, Tablet, computer or iOS device to your TV.

The official Kodi app does not contain any content, but due to its open source software, it does allow third-party add-ons, which means it can be modified - by those that know how - to stream potentially legally infringing content.

Kodi in itself, used as it comes, for the purpose that it was designed to be used for, is completely legal.

Evening Times:

The Officiel Kodi Windows app was released a short time ago.

Users have so far enjoyed the oficial version, but a bug in the Windows Store has so far prevented anyone from downloading the latest update, 17.1, on to their operating system.

A recent announcement from Kodi on Twitter shows that they’re aware of the bug, and a fix is currently being worked on by Microsoft.

There's no further information on exactly what the cause or solution is, just that something is broken and that it should be getting fixed soon.

Users experiencing the bug can hopefully expect a fix in the next couple of days.