A COMMUNITY group in Springburn has launched a public petition calling for the demolition of a once popular boozer which is now derelict.

Springburn Community Council want the local authority to step in and enforce the demolition of The Talisman pub on Balgrayhill Road which they describe as a local ‘eyesore’.

They believe Glasgow City Council could employ a Compulsory Purchase Order to ensure the building is gone forever.

Olivia Brook, chairwoman of Springburn Community Council, said: “People in the community have been wanting the Talisman demolished for decades.

“Nothing has happened as it is privately owned. Over the years it has been set on fire and we are worried that someone will get hurt.”

The petition is the latest step which the community has taken in a bid to get rid of the building once and for all.

Their petition states: “Springburn Community Council is pushing for The Talisman site and shops to be demolished and replaced by a temporary green space to help attract someone to buy the land.

“The Talisman is a manifestation of a culture of neglect and blatant disregard for the health, wellbeing and the future of Springburn’s residents and it needs to go.”

Hundreds of people have already signed the petition and shown support for the pub to be demolished.

High profile supporters of the petition include MSP Bob Doris and MP Anne McLaughlin.

MSP Bob Doris said: “Support Springburn Community Council’s campaign to demolish the Talisman to boost regeneration in Springburn.”

MP Anne McLaughlin also urged her followers on the social media website Twitter to sign the petition.

Other residents showed their support for the petition by signing.

Barry Hope said: “No one deserves to have to look at this dangerous ugly eye sore, why do Glasgow City Council not use their compulsory Purchase power when it is truly required?”

Frank Bradley added: “I have worked in the area for the last 22 years and the building is an eyesore, and a rat and pigeon breeding ground.

“It is also very dangerous when kids go in and mess about in it.”

Glasgow City Council said they will listen to residents concerns once they receive the petition.