A shocking video taken by a Twitter user appears to show a 'spice-zombie' walking in front of traffic down a busy street in Kilmarnock. 

The frightening clip shows a man crouched and stumbling alongside traffic before a second clip shows him slam his head into a metal railing. 

The man can be seen walking in front of a bus before he changes direction and stands in traffic in the middle of the road. 

The second clip shows the man, who is wearing a blue and grey top, grey jogging bottoms and carrying a blue plastic bag, stumbling across the road before slamming his head straight into a metal railing at the traffic lights. 

The two clips, posted by Twitter user Stuart McQuade have received almost 7000 retweets. 

Twitter users have suggested the man may have been under the influence of legal high spice due to his mannerisms.

Spice, known as fake weed, has become an increasing problem across the UK and USA with terrifying videos showing users experiencing hallucinations and seizures in public.