Controversial and outspoken columnist, reality TV gal, and just general all-rounder Katie Hopkins has launched a scathing attack on Nicola Sturgeon in a call urging Scotland to vote Conservatives on June 8.

In the same week parties scramble to campaign for votes before the snap general election, Hopkins took to her MailOnline column to diss the SNP and Mhairi Black.

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The 42-year-old staunch Tory described Ms Sturgeon as “the Ginger Dwarf from the North” and said Ms Black needs to learn “some useful life skills, like how to talk, write, or use shampoo.”

Hopkins, who was first thrust into our lives in 2007 when she appeared in reality TV show The Apprentice, appealed to those north of the border: “If you are sick to the back teeth of the Ginger Dwarf from the North spouting her nonsense in Westminster, acting as first minister for Independence, instead of First Minister for Scotland, now is your chance.

“June 8 is your day to shine. To vote for the Scottish Conservatives and send a message to Nicola that we are stronger together and better off without her.

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“Her only ambition is for herself.”

Theresa May threw the nation into chaos on Tuesday when she made the shock announcement that a general election is set to take place in just seven weeks’ time - three years ahead of schedule.

Mrs May described how it was the only way to guarantee political stability for the entire nation as Britain prepares to head out of the European Union.