Earlier this week we reported how the future for Kodi users that stream copyrighted content for free is looking grim following the news that a Swiss digital security company will soon be shutting down illegal add-ons. 

This seems to have spurred a few show-offs into action.

Last night, pictures were posted on a Facebook page that is dedicated to one of the most popular builds being used to access copyright infringing and subscription content for free.

The caption with this image said: "Just installed krypton & **** *** in my friends car. Working a treat!"

Evening Times:

 Another member posted this image saying: "I have Freeview in mine and never use it!"

Evening Times:

While most members of the group thought it was funny and seemed a bit too keen to do it themselves, a few flagged up the legality of a road user watching TV while driving. 

One user commented on the safety aspects of Kodi in the car: "Brilliant, you can watch a movie whilst driving, but not use your mobile phone !!"

Others were quick to respond in agreement, while the user who posted the Freeview picture replied stating: "In the UK it can play as long as the car is not moving, in my Q7 as soon as you start to move the screen turns off & only comes back on once the car has stopped."

Evening Times:

While Kodi is not illegal - it carries no content - it's open-source nature allows the addition of third-party add-ons giving users access to potentially legally infringing content which is shared or streamed from other users around the globe.