Moggy fans, rejoice, for the new location of Glasgow’s highly-anticipated first-ever cat café has been revealed.

The Purrple Cat Café has confirmed it will be opening its doors in the Merchant City at the end of July.

Sending out an email to fans who have subscribed to the official mailing list, the team said: “We’ll be opening in the Merchant City at 2 Trongate.

“It’s a lovely, listed, 1920s building on the corner of High Street and Trongate, which used to house a Bank Of Scotland branch.

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“There are still some works to be carried out before the interior is completed, but we’re still on track for opening at the end of July, if everything is finished.”

The new venue will welcome moggy-lovers to kick back and relax with a group of cats which will be living in the building.

The café’s website has described the need for such a place, and said: “Not for all the tea in China, could we even resist launching a café celebrating our huge love of cats, and a nice, fresh brew!

“You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of other drinks, plus tasty food, including vegetarian and vegan.

“Purrple Cat Café is the ultimate place to meet and relax with (feline) friends.”

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The location of the new venue

The Purrple team added: “Thankfully, with our cats comfortably settling into the Kittyhouse, we’ve got the freedom to push the date back a little, if we need to.

“Our top priority, as always, is the safety and well-being of our wee moggies. They won’t move into the café until it’s just how it needs to be for them.”

Recruitment will also begin very soon. The mailing list will be sending out information on applying for roles.

The team said: “We’re likely looking to recruit around 25 members of staff - five full-time and 20 part-time.

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“There’ll be positions in the kitchen, and for waiting and front-of-house staff, plus the specially created role of Cattendant. These staff members will look after our guests, and pay close attention to our cats’ interaction with them.

The world’s very first cat café opened its doors in Taiwan in 1998. Since then, the popular trend has swept across the world’s cities, finally now reaching Scotland’s largest city.

Edinburgh already got its own in January 2015 in the form of Maison de Moggy in the capital’s Old Town area.