The developers behind Kodi will NOT stop users from having the ability to stream movies, television shows, live sports or any other subscription content for free.

Nathan Betzen, a project and community manager for Kodi, confirmed the news in a recent blog post on the website stating: "Even though pirate streaming appears to be illegal in Europe, we still stand by our neutral policy.

"We are developers and not the police, and we have no interest in acting as police for our own software."

In other words, Kodi will remain as free and as open as it always has.

The developer made the statement sortly after the European Court of Justice ruled that streaming copyrighted content for free on multimedia players such as Kodi broke the law.

Downloading pirated copies of movies, television shows and music, has always constituted copyright infringement. But streaming the same content as a temporary file and not as a stored file was not.

That's because files that are stored temporarily – like those being created and constantly overwritten when streaming media content online – were technically exempt under copyright law.

Evening Times:

This loophole enabled those who sold pre-loaded set-top boxes, running the Kodi software, to promote the easy facilitation of piracy via streaming.

Nathan also encouraged people to keep using the popular media player commenting: "Feel free to continue using Kodi however you want. To us Kodi is and always will be just a tool, like a hammer, and how you choose to use that tool is up to you." 

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He asked that if users do choose to watch pirate streams, that they not include them in any posts on scoial media.