Today is World Buckfast Day.

The tonic wine, popular among Scots, is being celebrated by fans across the globe today, May 13. 

The Facebook event created to invite people to join the celebrations described it as a much needed day dedicated to the World's Greatest Wine.

According to the event, the day can be celebrated at home, with friends and out and about, as long as you enjoy your Bucky safely. 

Wreck the Hoose Juice Facebook admin and event coordinator Michael Onk previously said: "We realised that Bucky had a cult following throughout the UK and Ireland but we were unaware of just how many people longed for the wine abroad.

Stewart Wilson, from Buckfast's distribution company, J Chandler, said: "The national event started last year by loyal consumers of our brand and through social media we have established that fans of Buckfast are now calling it World Buckfast Day."

In celebration Glasgow pub Driftwood created a Bucky slushies and Coatbride pub, the Big Tree Bar, are also celebrating the day with freebies and give aways with each glass of Buckfast purchased.