Fans of a hugely popular free media player are up in arms after a recent Android software update no longer allows them access. 

Users watching Kodi on Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S7, have noticed that after downloading the latest Android Nougat update, the player no longer works.

Samsung recently started rolling out the Android Nougat update across its diverse range of Smartphones and tablets.

The upgrade features a number of improvements for popular devices including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

But it has also caused some issues for users of the universally popular Kodi media player.

Since the upgrade many Galaxy owners have posted messages on social media and dedicated forums complaining that they can no longer hear audio when using Kodi.

A few frustrated users have described the sound like 'white noise' and directed the blame at the Kodi development team.

The developers of the free media player responded to the criticism on Twitter, suggesting that "Samsung broke it with their update" and not them. 

The reason for the glitch remains unknown, despite many users sharing their attempts to resolve it. 

Kodi users are now being advised to download the latest 17.3 version which also includes a patch which stops malicious subtitle zip files that could potentially infect and compromise users personal data.