More Kodi repositories and add-ons have been shut down after being targeted by an anti-piracy group in Israel, reports Torrent Freak.

Three repositories stopped working earlier this week after the anti-piracy group, Zira, threatened them with legal action.

First of all, Kodi isn’t illegal, it's how you choose to use it that can breach copyright laws. 

Kodi is a free, open-source media player tat allows users to download a range of program and video add-ons, but some of the most popular sources fall into that grey area between legal and illegal.  

Evening Times:

Last montt, the European Court of Justice ruled that the sale of media players pre-loaded with add-ons allowing access to copyrighted content is illegal.

Online retailers including Amazon, eBay and even Facebook have also banned the sale of 'fully loaded Kodi boxes'.

Evening Times:

Zira filed for an injunction to stop the owners of, and from continuing to offer their Kodi services last week.

All three reached a settlement with Zira before the case reached court and closed their servers down.

They will reportedly have to pay up 100,000 shekels (£22,000) if they choose to reinstate their repositories or add-ons in the future.

All three sites have also replaced their content with a warning from Zira.

Evening Times:

The warning notice reads: “The site you’ve entered was taken down since it was violating intellectual property rights.  

“The site’s operators were fined by the court and therefore the site ceased to operate!”

Earlier this month, the popiular Kodi add-on, Navi-X, closed down amid fears over legal issues surrounding people’s use of the open-source software.

Navi-X has been in operation since 2007 but, according to the team behind it, the current legal issues have made it too risky for them to continue.

It was widely regarded in online communities as one of the most reliable and stable media libraries.