THE party wasn't ready to end for this packed train heading back from Glasgow last night.

On Saturday, a train carriage was transformed into a ceilidh after a bagpiper decided to play the traditional Scottish instrument on the way home.

Craig Lawrie, who works at Paisley Pipers and drums with the Red Hot Chili Pipers, was heading back from a gig when he was inspired to continue his performance for the high-spirited passengers.

Revellers are seen on the last train heading from Glasgow to Gourock bursting into cheers, linking arms in a dance and singing along to the music.

A Paisley Pipers spokesman said: "It was the last train back and out of nowhere a few girls who were rather inebriated started to sing the Erasure song A Little Respect. 

"So Craig, in his infinite wisdom, decided that after playing at a wedding in Fife earlier, to get the pipes out to entertain by taking requests.

"Bearing in mind you only have nine notes on the bagpipe chanter so he tried to accommodate as well as possible."

However, passengers didn't seem to mind as they raised their arms and smiled as the music was played.

Never change Glasgow!