IN the year that Celtic has won the treble, dance group Scooter has been at the forefront of that journey.

For the Hoops supporters have adopted their ramped up version of The Logical Song for striker Scott Sinclair.

Despite the anthem becoming a favourite amongst football fans, the German group admit, however, they had no idea about its resurgence.

And they are bound to be in for a surprise when the crowd goes crazy at their show at the Braehead Arena on June 10.

"Honestly I personally did not know that The Logical Song is a big anthem in Scotland," said the band's Phil Speiser.

He added: "We will play it for sure and I am really excited to see the reaction."

It's hard to believe but Scooter will celebrate their 25th anniversary soon having formed in Hamburg in 1993.

The happy hardcore group, who also feature vocalist H P Baxxter and DJ Michael Simon, have sold over 30 million records and are considered the most successful German single-record act with 23 top ten hits.

Part of that group is Austrian-born producer Phil, who believes their success is down to constantly reinventing themselves.

He said: "Our success is about reinventing ourselves again and again. We always keep ourselves going forward and listen to what other people are doing, and what the current trends are. We take in a little bit and use it for our production."

He added: "But we are still ourselves and we try not to be somebody else."

It would be difficult for that Scooter sound to be anything other than unique from the heavy techno beat to H P Baxxter's unique voice, it is easy to see why fans have followed them for more than two decades.

"I think the important thing for us is to always develop and not just rest with the old hits," explained Phil.

He continued: "We have to try to reinvent ourselves and always be on the top. That’s the challenge so that people can always get new music that they can enjoy and it is not just like good memories. We want to create new good memories."

Fans, however, attending the Glasgow show will want to hear the hits including The Logical Song which was originally released by English rock group Supertramp.

Phil said: "You realise when you are in Scotland, there is a special energy there.

"The people really go crazy for the music. That’s really nice to see."

He added: "We always have a great time in Scotland and the crowd is really appreciative."

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the band is planning to release a new album in August featuring new songs and a remixes of the classics.

Phil said: "It is the 25th anniversary album. It will not only have new songs but it will have old Scooter songs which we will freshen up. "It’s a good mixture on the album, and there is a lot of jump style on it because we like that sound and produced a lot of tracks with it."

And jump style will no doubt be at the forefront of their set in Glasgow as well as that other vital ingredient needed for any Scooter show - energy.

Phil said: "With Scooter, it is all about the energy, it doesn’t matter what kind of genre it is.

"It is all about the energy and that people can have a good time in big crowds.

"It is not really about the sound, it is more like a special energy whenever you hear a Scooter song."

The one thing that the band has adapted to well since forming is all the changes that the music industry has thrown at them.

Phil believes that is another reason for their continued success. He said: "The industry has changed a lot but so did we. It is one of the secrets as to why Scooter is still popular.

"We don’t close our eyes to change. We like change and we want to adapt. We always want to develop Scooter."

With years of experience behind them, the band believe that being unique leads to success in the industry, and that is the advice they would give any aspiring DJs.

Phil said: "The most important thing is to be unique. I am pretty sure Scooter is unique and people will love it or hate it but Scooter is Scooter.

"Now a lot of people try to get successful by coping other successful people and I think that is not the formula.

"You have to be unique so that you get heard."

Catch Scooter at the Braehead Arena on June 10. For tickets, visit