GLASGOW’S largest housing association has confirmed none of its buildings are insulated using the same material as that in the stricken Grenfell Tower.

The Wheatley Group, which runs Glasgow Housing Association, said none of its blocks contain Celotex RS 5000, which was used as insulation in the destroyed London tower block.

It comes as Government officials said they are looking in to whether any high rises in Scotland have the same material used in the fire-hit tower.

During First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood yesterday, Glasgow MSP Bob Doris raised concerns about flats in his constituency of Maryhill and Springburn.

He said the Government has to make sure “the most rigorous fire safety regulations possible” are in place, and give reassurance to residents living in similar blocks.

Mr Doris said: “My constituency of Maryhill and Springburn has several high rise tower blocks.

“I also know my local housing association will place a significant priority on safety, including fire safety, but that will not stop those living in such properties having understandable concerns.”

Paul Sweeney, the city’s only Labour MP, who represents Glasgow North East, said he is planning to write to all housing associations in the city to “seek reassurances” about safety in city flats.

Nicola Sturgeon said a group is to be set up to “ review Scottish regulations and to ensure that we are standing ready to take any actions necessary as lessons are learned from this catastrophic fire.”

She said: “While I think there are the most serious questions to be answered in the case of this tragic fire, given how early a stage the investigation is at, it is important that we don’t rush to judgment or speculation about the causes of that fire.

“But nevertheless - and I am acutely aware of the responsibility the Scottish Government bears here - we must stand ready to provide whatever reassurance we can to people across Scotland who are living in similar accommodation and who may have very understandable concerns as a result of what we have seen this week.”

Tom Barclay, director of property and development at Wheatley Group, which runs Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), said he us “reassuring” tenants.

He explained: “We are reassuring our tenants that we have a robust safety approach in place across our multi-storeys to minimise the risk of fire and prevent it spreading.

“We have a very successful partnership with Scottish Fire and Rescue which has seen an officer seconded to work alongside our housing staff. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in fire safety in and around our homes, including our multi-storey flats in recent years.

“We will listen very carefully to any additional safety recommendations or advice from the authorities as a result of the London fire and are standing ready to take any necessary actions around any lessons to be learned.”

Queen's Cross Housing Association confirmed its three high rise buildings at St George's Cross are not being refurbished by the same company that refurbished Grenfell Tower.

The 20 storey flats are currently undergoing a £16million makeover, which includes external insulation.

Company Rydon carried out the work on Grenfell Tower using cladding made by Harley Curtain Wall, which went bust after the refurbishment.

However, work on the Queen's Cross homes is being carried out by Keep Moat Homes, using different materials.

Work on the flats includes external insulation; new triple glazing, lifts and CCTV, new enclosed balconies and new heating and ventilation systems.