A DANGEROUS tenement block has been earmarked for demolition after owners failed to take action.

The Evening Times told in January 2016 how residents were evacuated from 37 Annette Street after a ground floor flat was found to be unsafe.

Now council bosses have served a dangerous buildings notice on the property, which has eight flats.

The building will now need to come down and if the owners cannot carry out demolition work, the council will appoint a company to do so then bill the owners.

The demolition will also impact flats from 232 to 238 Allison Street as they share a property title.

This makes all owners liable for demolition costs.

Council bosses said they began contacting owners six years ago to warn action in the building,w hich is factored by Cumming, Turner & Watt, must be taken.

It has lain empty since January 2016 and new inspections have shown the building's condition has worsened.

A council source said: ""An inspection in May 2017 by the council’s Building Standards team found noticeable and further movement at all levels of the building.

"Water ingress from above for an unspecified time has resulted in a wall on ground floor collapsing, and the building cannot now be made safe, hence the demolition.

"The owners should have taken action to protect the building but they did not, so the council’s Building Standards team is carrying out the aforementioned statutory duty to protect public safety through this action."

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: "It's important that lessons are learned from the dangerous building situation on Annette Street.

"I have written to Development and Regeneration asking if there was any preventative and structural support work being carried out in the area to prevent other buildings in the area falling into a similar poor state of repair.

"It's important that children and families who will be impacted are supported."

It is expected that demolition work will begin by mid-July.