OWNERS of a demolition threatened building in Govanhill say they will appeal the council decision to bring in the wrecking ball.

As told in the Evening Times on Saturday, a tenement block at 37 Annette Street has been deemed unsafe and a dangerous buildings notice served.

Glasgow City Council said it has been warning owners since 2011 that the building needed serious repair work.

But owners have now hit back, blaming the council for exacerbating the state of the eight flat block.

Raz Parnez, a landlord who owns a property at 37 Annette Street, said: “That has been 18 months now and the council has not let anybody in to the building and then, suddenly, a couple of weeks ago we received an email saying there was to be a residents meeting.

“They said there had been further movement in the building and they would have to demolish it.

“With only 24 hours notice of the meeting only six out of 17 owners were able to attend.

“If a building lies empty for 18 months then of course its condition is going to worsen. We are also concerned that ground consolidation works in the street - which are filling in gaps underground from old mines - have affected the building too.

“We want a second opinion on our building.”

The Evening Times first told in January last year that 37 Annette Street had been evacuated as an emergency measure when a ground floor flat was found to be unsafe.

We also told of the plight of UN worker Khalid Al-Izzi whose property in the building was ransacked while he was working overseas.

He lost around £25,000 of belongings when thieves broke in, as well as irreplaceable personal items.

Council bosses said they had repeatedly contacted owners about the building, which is factored by Cumming, Turner & Watt, but had no response.

Building Standards staff said an internal collapse in the building means it must now come down and owners at 37 will be liable for the cost.

The demolition, which is expected to begin in July, will also impact flats from 232 to 238 Allison Street as they share a property title.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Owners have had six years to address the deteriorating state of their property.

“Even with the offer of financial assistance from the council, the owners failed to respond to the crumbling condition of their property

“Almost eighteen months ago their property was deemed as a dangerous building and had to be evacuated, but there was still no joint action from owners.

“The circumstances now facing the owners at 37 Annette St are a direct consequence of their failure to maintain their property appropriately.

“Access to the property has been prevented because it is a dangerous building.”