A 15-YEAR-OLD rapist faces being locked up for attacking a young girl.

The teenager preyed on the six year-old at a flat in Glasgow's west end in 2015.

He also molested another girl who was around eight at the time.

A jury heard harrowing evidence that the older child had seen the other being raped.

The sex attacker – who was 14 at the time – had denied the crimes.

Prosecutors said he had made it appear the young victims were “devious, accomplished liars”.

But, he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Judge Lord Mulholland continued his bail pending sentencing next month, but ordered him to surrender his passport.

Neither the rapist nor the two victims can be identified for legal reasons.

Suspicion first arose when a concerning conversation one of the girls had with other children was overheard.

Police were then called in the next day before the pair had to relive what happened.

The older girl said she saw the teenager do a “bad thing” to the younger child.

The court heard the accused came from a “hard-working family”.

The 15-year-old gave evidence during the trial and denied his guilt.

Prosecutors said the boy had implied the victims were “devious children, accomplished liars who have concocted a story against him for no reason”.

The teenager was put on the sex offenders list as sentencing was deferred for reports.