MORE than 100 Scottish Cup Final hooligans have yet to be caught despite the release of their mugshots to the public.

The team assigned to Police Scotland's Operation Tonish have released more than 300 images of people they want to speak to who were involved in the incidents of disorder and violence following the end of the Hibernian and Rangers match at Hampden Park on May 21, last year. 

It has been revealed by Police Scotland, however, that officers have so far snared 184 people with dozens prosecuted at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Detective Superintendent Kenny Graham said: "Since the investigation into the disorder and violence began, we have issued in excess of 300 images of people we were looking to trace in connection to their involvement. To date, we've been able to identify and arrest approximately 184 people.

"There are a number of people who remain outstanding, and despite it being over a year since the incident, we remain committed to identifying them. All the images we had available to us have been issued to the media and the public, and the support we've received during our investigation has been welcomed.

"I would ask the public to study the remaining images which have been widely shared on our social media channels and on our website, and get in touch with police if you know they are."

The Evening Times was previously given exclusive access to the team at Govan who are working on Operation Tonish.

One of the officers on that team Detective Inspector Greig Wilkie warned anyone who thinks they have escaped justice could still face arrest.

He previous told The Evening Times: "If we identify who you are and you were on that pitch causing violence or disorder – you will be getting arrested.

"I think people thought this investigation was maybe going to go away. But here we are months down the line and it is not going away.

"There was public outrage and rightly so of what took place in that short period of time after the Scottish Cup Final.

"We can't just say we will draw a line underneath it. We can' t be seen to be doing that and we are not going to do that."

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