The “distraught” Green Day boys have spoken out just a couple of hours after concert organisers announced tonight’s Bellahouston Park gig has been cancelled.

Bar staff at the scene, many on zero-hours contracts, who had shown up for a night's work were also told they would not be getting paid. 

Dr Jennifer Jones, who speaks out against zero-hours contracts, posted a video online of staff being told the disappointing news.

She said: "Sitting waiting to find out when we are starting but word on the street it's cancelled.

"Nobody has told the staff so we are standing in the park waiting to be told to leave.

"200 people waiting to get a 12 hours shift, not even been told what the plan is - some people planned lifts for midnight."

She then confirmed: "Looks like none of us are getting paid."

Staff will, however, be able to claim back travel expenses.

In a statement to all fans to had flocked into Glasgow for the gig, the band said the guys are “very sad to report” the cancellation.

The statement adds: “The local safety council, production crew, and concert organisers have deemed the stage unsafe for the fans and everyone involved.

“We are very distraught about this as we are in Glasgow now and were very much looking forward to this show as one [of] the highlights of our tour.

“We have been playing in extreme weather conditions throughout this European tour, and the last thing we want to do is see a show cancelled.

Glasgow City Council said the decision to cancel the event was taken by the promoters and management of the band.

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“We love our Scottish fans and we don’t care if it’s raining f*****g sideways, although the safety of our fans and our crew is always our top priority.

“We love you Scotland, we love the city of Glasgow and it goes without saying that WE WILL BE BACK!”

Earlier, the Evening Times reported how organiser PCL Presents have fans: “We are sorry to inform you that due to adverse weather conditions it is no longer safe for the bands to perform on stage and unfortunately today’s show will be cancelled.”

The announcement came just hours before fans were set to head to the venue to see the US rockers.

Some have taken to social media to highlight how they had travelled into Scotland for the gig having spent hundreds of pounds on travel and accommodation on top of tickets.

Excitement quickly turned to anger as thousands of fans continue to vent their frustrations at PCL Presents, many of whom are blaming the team for “poor organisation.”

The band famed for hits including American Idiot, Basket Case and Holiday had announced the date back in December.

Green Day, who are fronted by singer Billie Joe Armstrong, recently released their 12th studio album Revolution Radio along with single Bang Bang.

The rockers have sold 75 million albums to date and have been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

California punk rock icons Rancid had been set to perform tonight in a support slot at the Independence Day show.

Have you been affected by tonight’s cancellation? Had you travelled in from another city, or even country, for the gig? Use the contributors’ button below to let us know your story.

Have you been affected by tonight’s cancellation? Did you travel in from another city, or even country, for the show? Use the contributors’ button and let us know your story.

couldn't afford to do anything else for my summer holidays so this was literally the only thing i had planned and it got called off because PCL didn't book the park the day before to set up. drove two hours, paid £200 for a hotel and bought a new bag specifically bc of the smaller than a3 policy only for it to be called off. raging isn't the word. "punk" my arse

contributed by community

Not very happy about it,travelled over from Bulgaria and as I have a prosthetic leg and use crutches to get about it wasn't easy,but had been looking forward to this for months as It hasn't been long since my amputation .stood in the Queue for 2 hours to be told 25 mins before gates open it has been cancelled, raging is putting it mildly.

Andy Mcintyre

#PreyForThelightRainVictims #PutacoatOn #SlightlyDamp

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I'm in Glasgow now with friends who have travelled from both Inverness and Aberdeen. Spending a small fortune on travel and accommodation for it to be cancelled at such short notice and not even an honest statement from the organisers. Ticket refunds are not going to cut it for most people. Its clearly nothing to do with any of the bands involved.

Clair Whyman

Took my last lieu day from work for this gig... if they'd cancelled a day or two ago I could've saved my last "holiday" poor show, this is tee shirt weather in Scotland.

Took my last lieu day from work for this gig... if they'd cancelled a day or two ago I could've saved my last
Sean Larkin