EQUAL rights campaigners have held a demonstration opposing the arrests of five people during Saturday’s Pride march.

A 16-year-old boy and three transgender activists were among those arrested while allegedly protesting against organisers decision to invite Police Scotland to lead the parade.

Protesters gathered outside of Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday after Glasgow Pride organisers said it was “extremely disappointed” in the actions of the group.

Alice, a 41-year-old nurse from Glasgow, said: “The whole Pride movement stems back to the Stonewall riots, which were in response to police brutality and police were targeting the LGBT community.

“For Pride Glasgow to not only say that the police were allowed, but were going to lead, made a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

“In particular LGBT asylum seekers who are fleeing because of horrible things that happen to people with LGBT identities.

“People feel really strongly that having the police in it and leading was really inappropriate.

"We were protesting ‘No Pride in police, no police in Pride’.

“We would like an apology from the police and from Pride for agreeing that they could lead the parade and for their disgusting statement yesterday blaming the people who were attacked - claiming they still see Pride as a protest but that people who were opposing the police were actually making it unsafe.”

In response to Saturday’s events, Pride Glasgow said: “We are extremely disappointed in the actions of a small group of people that tried to target the Pride Glasgow Parade.

“Whilst Pride Glasgow promotes an Equality for all agenda and free speech the actions of this group jeopardised the safety of everyone attending the parade.

“The Pride Parade in Glasgow has always been a platform for protest alongside a celebration of LGBTI life and we are saddened that this shameful attempt to sabotage the parade has come from within the LGBTI community.

“Pride Glasgow fully encourage the participation of uniformed services in the Parade including the Police and whilst we understand that others may have a different view on this. Actions which endanger others will not be permitted.

“Pride Glasgow support the actions of Police Scotland in dealing with this group to ensure the safety of everyone on the Parade and the Festival.

“Pride Glasgow has worked closely with the police and relevant agencies to put appropriate measures in place to deal with incidents at all levels especially given the current threat level.

“This year’s Parade was one of the biggest ever to happen in Glasgow and with over 90 floats and walking groups alongside over 6000 individuals the majority of which followed the correct guidelines set out by Glasgow City Council for Parades.”