THE days of murderers paying the ultimate price of death for killing someone might be long gone.

But the history of Glasgow’s hanging past will never be erased.

In this harrowing new Evening Times series, we reveal the stories of the men who were hanged at Barlinnie prison and the crimes which took them on that path.

Although only 10 men were given the death penalty at the notorious East End prison, many more hangings took place across the city centuries before.

Our reporters at the time covered the cases from the moment the crime was committed to the hanging of the killer on the gallows.

Through our own archives at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, we retell the stories of those prisoners who paid the ultimate price for the crime of murder:

·         Govanhill gang member John Lyon,

·         The ‘fiend of the Gorbals’ Patrick Carraher,

·         Carntyne cop killer John Caldwell

·         Self-sacrificing Paul Christopher Harris,

·         Not so law-abiding police officer James Robertson,

·         Dancefloor killer James Smith,

·         Wife killer Patrick Gallagher Deveney,

·         Lanarkshire murder hut killer George Francis Shaw

·         The infamous Peter Manuel

·         Queen’s Park killer Tony Miller

It might be a gory history, but the disposal of capital punishment as a sentence was very much a part of Glasgow’s crime story.

‘Hanged at Barlinnie’ is in your Evening Times every Friday and Saturday starting Friday 25 Aug for 5 weeks.

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