LABOUR leader Frank McAveety has accused the SNP in Glasgow of failing to fulfil their promises.

The party, which has just marked 100 days in control of the city council, is "big on talk and poor on delivery," according to the former council leader.

He was responding after the Evening Times reported yesterday how the SNP held seven summits on key issues in their first 100 days and how the long-running janitors dispute with the council had been resolved.

Mr McAveety said: "All the puffery of summits and discussions are meaningless unless they deliver the resources our city needs.

"The leader of the SNP group has met with the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the First Minister. I wonder if they discussed the £377m worth of cuts to the city over the last 10 years and the plans to dismantle local accountability of our schools?

"Here we are four months on from the council election, and we still have no formal committee structure in place to ensure scrutiny of council business. Even the summits the SNP promised will not take place within the 100 days deadline they set themselves."

He said the party needed to stop talking and focus instead on jobs, childcare and fighting for a fair deal.

Mr McAveety added: "Instead of discussion and navel gazing, Glasgow Labour in our 100 days would have continued our relentless focus on jobs and opportunities for our citizens; expanded free childcare and explored new, innovative and cooperative childcare models to ensure that our children have the best start in life; continued working towards increasing the number of Living Wage employers in the city; and continued our approach of fighting for a fair deal for Glasgow to reverse the £377m worth of cuts the city has suffered over the last decade.

"Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Glasgow and the positive response to his message of change is what Glaswegians are looking for and the Labour group will protect local decision making and continue to call for a fair deal in resources for the city."