SCOTS Lotto winner Jane Park could be set to see her name in lights – with the possibility of her having her own movie.

Park, who won a £1million National Lottery jackpot in 2013, could have her experience portrayed in a blockbuster movie or mini-series.

Movie producers are said to want to focus on her rocky love life, which includes Glow star Brian Matthews and ex Connor George who she sent on a lads holiday with a list of rules to stop him from flirting with other girls.

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It is also claimed that another Hollywood company wish to make a mini-series looking into the darker side of her super-rich lifestyle.

A source told The Mirror: “In June, a production company­ based in Hollywood expressed an interest in making a romantic comedy about Jane’s life.

“They love the idea of having a normal girl winning­ a million pounds at the age of 17 yet still having a lot of trouble finding love.

“They also want to cover the cosmetic surgery.”

Moneybags Jane used to live in a council house and earned £8 an hour as an office worker before she hit the Jackpot.

The 21-year-old also previously stated that the windfall ruined her life.

Her publicist Rob Cooper said: “Until a deal has been signed it would be inappropriate to comment.”