A petition to reinstate ten members of staff at the Grosvenor Cinema in Ashton Lane who were allegedly unfairly dismissed is continuing to gather pace.

The claims against the G1 Group first emerged on Friday from Better than Zero, a nationwide campaign “against poverty pay and zero hours contracts.”

The group claimed G1 sacked ten members of staff at the popular west end venue “for ‘over-using’ the staff discount scheme for food” in an amount totalling just £1.89.

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Better than Zero also said it had stopped two more workers being sacked that day.

Having created a petition to “reinstate the Grosvenor 10” which has, so far, received close to 2,500 signatures in just two days, Better than Zero said: “On August 30, the G1 Group sacked 10 members of staff at the Grosvenor Cinema, Cafe and Lane for using a staff discount on food for their colleagues.

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“The amount of money saved by staff on discounts range from £1.89 - £30. G1 workers made the company £66.6 million in revenue last year.

“If you think this is unfair then sign the petition and share on social media.”

The G1 Group has since reponded to the claims. The complete statement from the company can be read here.

We reported at the weekend how protesters were stationed outside the venue on Saturday evening.

After the protest, Better than Zero said: “We will be outside G1 venues every week until the Grosvenor 10 are reinstated.”

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Urging the public to keep getting behind their campaign, Better than Zero said in a statement: “The G1 Group is the largest hospitality firm in the country. They completely dominate the pub/club sector in Glasgow under many different - sometimes seemingly independent - venues but they are not untouchable.

“As punters, you can make a difference and force them to change things for the workers they exploit.

“Post on their pages, write to their senior managers, tweet them to let them know that you will not be setting foot in their venues until they reinstate the Grosvenor 10.”

The petition can be found here.