The under-fire G1 Group has responded to “erroneous and false” information amid a fierce row the Grosvenor Cinema in Ashton Lane allegedly unfairly dismissed ten members of staff.

Scotland’s largest hospitality group claimed Police Scotland was called in to intervene after a “misleading publicity campaign” resulted in employees and customers being “physically harassed” during a protest at the venue on Saturday.

G1 also said its employees have been subjected to “threatening and abusive messages” in person and on social media as a result of “irresponsible misinformation which has been spread,” something else which has been reported to the police

However, a spokeswoman for Police Scotland told the Evening Times police were called to the venue on two occasions on Saturday, but that no further action was taken.

She said: “Police were called two times to attend to around 20 protesters outside the venue on Saturday evening.

“Nothing got out of hand, no arrests were made, and no official complaint was made.

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“Advice and assistance was given to all parties present.”

The claims against G1, which has over 50 venues across the country, including dozens in Glasgow, first emerged on Friday from Better than Zero, a nationwide campaign “against poverty pay and zero hours contracts.”

The group claimed G1 sacked ten members of staff at the popular west end venue “for ‘over-using’ the staff discount scheme for food” in an amount totalling just £1.89.

A petition to “reinstate the Grosvenor 10” has, so far, received over 2,500 signatures in just three days.

However, in a lengthy statement today, G1 has hit back at the claims made amid “an ongoing disciplinary procedure.”

The group said: “As the disciplinary and appeals processes are ongoing, we are restricted in respect of how much detail can be made publicly available at this time. It would have been our preference to refrain from commenting on these allegations in order to respect and protect our staff both current and former but, due to the defamatory and untrue nature of the reports in circulation, we feel we have no choice.

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“We can confirm that a small number of employees are facing disciplinary allegations that they were responsible for knowingly manipulating discounts over and above the 50 per cent food discount the company provides to them. 

“It is not the case that action has been taken because staff have used a legitimate discount scheme to purchase food, as has been incorrectly alleged.   

“A detailed investigation has been carried out and has established that these employees had added further discounts which, in some cases, negated the entire bill. G1 Group hold a robust trail of evidence and statements to support this chain of events.

“As per the company’s Discipline and Grievance Procedure, such allegations are potentially considered gross misconduct as they can amount to a fundamental breach of trust undermining the employment relationship. 

“G1 would take the opportunity to state that, although levels and frequency of misuse varied from person to person, we are acting not on the monetary value of our loss, but on the breach of trust which has occurred.

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The disciplinary process is not yet concluded, nor have appeals been heard in respect of these issues. Should appeals not be upheld, employees then have legal recourse against the company.  

“The company is satisfied that, to date, a fair and full investigation was undertaken and that the disciplinary procedure has also been fairly applied.”

Better than Zero, however, refuted claims police were called to Saturday’s protest to intervene, insisting that cops were already present on the popular lane.

The campaign group said it was “pleased” G1 “finally attempted to defend their actions,” but added that it “rejects their account of the case against our members and of the nature of our peaceful protest.”

Better than Zero continued: “In view of G1’s misrepresentation of the case against our members, we will not comment publicly on G1’s specific allegations. 

“However, we can confirm that police were not required to intervene and, in fact, were already on Ashton Lane when we arrived. 

“Although they were called by G1 management, no action or warning was necessary as the protest remained entirely peaceful throughout. 

“All information we have made public is true. 

“We do not condone any personal abuse towards any member of staff, if that has happened.”