IT is every young would-be star’s dream to be talent spotted by a world famous record producer.

But it is a dream come true for singer Natasha Cook Jenkins.

The 17-year-old is to feature in a Sky Arts documentary after catching the eye of Tony Visconti.  Tony, the record producer and musician, who has worked with the likes of David Bowie, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy and Kaiser Chiefs, is on a UK-wide hunt for performers to take part in a special show.  However, this isn’t Natasha’s only busking success.

The singer songwriter also impressed music festival organiser George Walker as she busked on Buchanan Street.

George is in charge of the line up for Aberdeen’s Fyvie Live – dubbed “the posh T in the Park” – and has picked Natasha to perform at the event on Saturday.

Natasha, from Chryston, has been busking since the age of 12 and has a favourite spot outside Buchanan Street.

She had been busking when a woman came and put a note in her guitar case. The women turned out to be a Sky Arts producer who asked if Natasha would mind being filmed for a programme with Tony Visconti.

Natasha said: “I had never heard of him, so my flatmate and  I Googled him. When we saw who he was and that he had worked with David Bowie we both sat in silence for about 10 minutes processing it.

“On the day I decided to play Ralph McTell’s Streets of London. During the song Tony Visconti came over and put money  in my case. I couldn’t believe it.

“And after the filming ended he came over and said to me. ‘I produced that song in 1971 and that’s the best rendition I have heard  of it.’”

It was shortly after her first brush with fame that Natasha was spotted a second time.  She said: “I had been really needing money for food to eat that week so when filming finished I thought, ‘I have to keep going’.

“George had been watching me for a really long time but that’s  not that unusual – people  do stop and hang around.

“He came over and spoke to me and we swapped e-mail addresses. Now I’m taking part in Fyvie Live.”

Natasha, who began training in opera singing with the RSNO when she was just seven, has now secured a place at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and moves at the end of the month.  She added: “I’m really excited for this next step. I hope to be a singer and composer. My goal is to be an artist in every aspect.”