TRYING to find the perfect baby names can cause a conflict among parents-to-be.

However, it is the older generation who are left most disappointed by the final choice.

According to a survey, a fifth of grandparents hate heir grandchild's name. 

The most common reason is that the name is "ugly", with almost a third citing this as the main objection. 

And 17 per cent went against unconventional names, believing it to be "weird".

One in ten thought the name was too old-fashioned, according to a survey of over 2,000 parents and grandparents.

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The questionaire carried out by the online networking sites Mumsnet and Gransnet, found that a 6 per cent of grandparents said they were annoyed that their suggested name or family name had been overlooked.

Eleven per cent were upset as it reminded them of someone they didn't like while six per cent dod mot like the spelling. 

According to Gransnet and Mumsnet's survey, the top names hated by grandparents are; Aurora, Charlotte, Elijah, Finn, Jack, Lindsay, Noah, Sally and Tabitha.