IN response to Nicola Sturgeon’s column (Evening Times September 19), the removal of the pay cap will need to be paid for.

That will come shortly in her new tax increase where she takes it all back. More smoke and mirrors. What is she going to do when they all put their hand out demanding parity ?

Unemployment will appear to fall if you move folk out of it and into other benefits but it fools nobody. Jiggling statistics is one of the SNPs main lines of propaganda.

The SNP are wrecking this country with their quiet austerity. Professionals in the police, education, health and transport sections have signalled their despair. Thousands of criminals are on our streets because the SNP doesn’t want to spend money locking them up.

No doubt they will blame Westminster somehow but if that’s the case what are the SNP actually responsible for? If they are going to claim success in all of the above they must also accept responsibility for them.

But they won’t will they ? It is always somebody else’s fault when its something bad.

Iain McKenzie, posted online

No means no!

READING about the independence rally (Evening Times September 18), with a population of 5.5 million, a couple of hundred losers howl at the moon waving Poundshop saltires and the world has to take notice?

Get a job you bunch of morons. Scotland said NO.

Edward Carson, posted online

Right priorities

PEOPLE need to get their priorities right.

While everyone is fighting each other on the left and right, the victims of despicable crimes are trampled upon and forgotten about.

People need to realise you’re not getting Independence or Remaining in the EU, get over it!

The people need to come together to get justice for the child abuse victims and turn our attention towards fighting for the right things.

Carol Daly, posted online

Career criminals

IN reference to the ‘alternative prison’ in Maryhill (Evening Times September 14), I worked as beat officer in the north of the city and know from experience that local residents were delighted when the scumbags who were breaking into cars and houses were caught and got 12-18 months in the jail.

You will never change a person who doesn’t want to earn an honest crust.

They steal and cheat and accept the jail as part and parcel.

Johnny Mack, posted online