The launch of the latest iPhone has failed to attract big crowds in Scotland's largest city - for the first time. 

The usual line that curves around the block in Glasgow's Buchanan Street did not materialise. 

But two keen Glaswegian teenagers waited nearly 12 hours - only for no sizeable crowd to form behind them.

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With only a single sleeping bag, a yoga mat, and a tent between them, the pair looked tired and cold after a long night with no sleep. 

Evening Times:
The line at Glasgow's Apple store for the iPhone 8 launch in 2017 (Credit: SWNS)

Only one of the pair, Mark McLean, 17, queued to buy the phone.

His friend William Brown, also 17, was there for moral support. 

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Mark saved up his earnings from a summer job for the new iPhone. 

He said: "We were the very first and only people here 'til, like, 6am. 

"We came here at 8.30pm because we thought the crowds would be so much bigger." 

Evening Times:
The queue at Glasgow's Apple store for the iPhone 5C and 5S launch in 2013

The hotly-anticipated iPhone X was also announced at the Apple event in California two weeks ago, but won't be released until early November. 

William said: "We had read it was all round the block for the iPhone 6S. 

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"We think [the iPhone X launch] will be a bigger queue than iPhone 8. 

"They should've waited until Christmas or something to launch it." 

On the right hand side of the door was a reserved ticketing queue with pre-booked time slots, and on the other side was the normal unreserved queue.