A PENSIONER stuck a picture of a naked woman in his window deliberately to annoy his neighbour.

William Cunningham, 72, put the image of a woman with her breasts exposed at the front of his house.

The elderly man admitted he had been "an idiot" but had just done it as he knew it would irritate his neighbour, with whom there had been "ongoing animosity", according to his solicitor.

Cunningham, who is a retired railway worker, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court to be sentenced for displaying the indecent images

The procurator fiscal told the court: "[His neighbour] left her house and observed a picture to be on display.

"She called the police."

When police arrived at the house on Harefield Drive they found "a bag containing several pornographic images in his property."

His solicitor told the court "It is a very unusual set of circumstances.

"He put up this photograph to annoy his neighbour but has now called himself an idiot. He has been reprimanded by Glasgow Housing Association also."

She explained that Cunningham had been living at the house for 34 years, and had turned to alcohol as he was lonely, which had resuklted in his "bizarre behaviour".

Sheriff Bonnar deferred his sentence for six months.