THE MOTHER of a loner lollipop man who took naked pictures of a six-year-old girl received a torrent of abuse following her paedophile son’s arrest.

James Moran, 32, was caged for three years yesterday at Glasgow Sheriff Court after he committed the heinous act at a city school in May.

His solicitor Bill McCluskey revealed his mum has been abused online following his arrest, and gave details of his loner social life.

Evening Times:

He explained Moran had not attempted to seek bail as “when he came into custody his family and in particular his mother was subject to online abuse and threats.

“He felt it was in his family’s best interest to stay where he was.”

Mr McCluskey said Moran also had barely any contact with others outside work.

He explained: “He is described by his mother as a painfully shy person.

“His life before his arrest was going to work, then confining himself to his bedroom where he watched TV and DVDs and played video games.

“On Saturday he would go into the city centre for two hours and purchase sweets and DVDs.

“This was the extent of his social life.”

The court also heard that Moran’s psychiatric report showed he had no psychological illnesses, which his lawyer said gave him “comfort in the fact Mr Moran does have the capacity to engage in any rehabilitation.”

He explained that he had no previous convictions and so would not show up in any “scrutiny as we know it” in any jobs he had.

The solicitor added that his client did not want to put the victim or her parents through the ordeal of a trial, and was keen to have the “matter resolved” as quickly as possible.

Sheriff Alan Mackenzie said his crimes were of the “utmost gravity” before sentencing him to three years behind bars and a life-long registration on the sex offenders roll, meaning he will no longer be able to work with children.

Detective Inspector Fiona Hill said: “This was a very disturbing crime which took place within a school, where all children should be safe.

“James Moran is undoubtedly a dangerous predator and his young victim must have been absolutely terrified during the ordeal he put her through.

“Thankfully due to the quick actions of the school and the officers who attended, Moran was apprehended shortly after the incident and held accountable for his actions.

“This type of despicable behaviour will not be tolerated and I hope today’s outcome provides some comfort to the victim’s family as well as the wider school community."