MSPs in Glasgow claimed almost £1.5m in expenses and staff costs in the last year.

The Scottish Parliament figures show the city’s 15 MSPs racked up a total bill of £1,473,350.

The figures include expenses for MSPs hotel bills in Edinburgh, travel costs to the parliament and in their constituencies as well as the cost of running offices, rent cleaning and phone and computer equipment.

It also includes the salary costs of up to three members of staff which account for the majority of each MSPs total costs.

The highest in the city was SNP MSP James Dornan whose total amounted to £116,438, which included almost £79,000 for staff, and almost £12,000 for hotel and travel mostly hotels with the Cathcart MSP spending just under £9000 on hotels in the capital.

Mr Dornan has been the highest claimant before and has put it down to his role as an SNP whip meaning he spends more nights in Edinburgh for early morning meetings.

The lowest bill came from conservative MSP Adam Tomkins who claimed £74,839, including 58,639 for staff, and just under £5000 for hotel and travel.

Examples of travel costs claimed by MSPs include taxis from their home address to Queen Street Station and from Edinburgh Waverley Station to the Scottish Parliament, which costs around £3.

Maryhill and Springburn SNP MSP Bob Doris charged £718 in taxi fares.

Others prefer to drive to Holyrood and claim the mileage rate.

James Kelly Labour MSP for Glasgow claimed £3,157 in car mileage but also only spent one night in a hotel claiming £157.

MSPs can also claim for a hotel meal while staying over in Edinburgh. Green MSP for Glasgow, Patrick Harvie claimed £322 for meals over the course of the year.

The cost of hotels can vary depending on where the MSP stays and what the rate is at that time.

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar’s hotel bills ranged from £89 per night to £152 per night from a total hotel bill of £4311.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, having the use of the official residence at Bute House in Edinburgh and government transport claimed nil for hotels and travel.

Most of her £96,000 bill came from staff costs of £78,000 and rent and costs for her constituency office.

MSPs are now able to claim for three members of staff with available expenses for salary costs increasing from £62,300 to a maximum of £85,000.

A Scottish Parliament spokesman said: “The increase in support staff provision came into effect in May 2016.

“It reflects the increasing demands being made on MSPs and their staff as the Parliament assumes significant new powers over tax and welfare.

“To be clear this is funding to enable MSPs to employ up to three full-time staff instead of two m so they can better meet the needs of their constituents, scrutinise the Parliament’s new powers effectively and continue to hold the Government to account.”

In total all Scotland’s MSPs claimed £15,832,096 in the year 2016/17 with £12m coming for staffing costs.