A PROTEST is set to take place in George Square tomorrow to show Glasgow's 'solidarity' with Catalonia.

People are invited along to show the city's support for the biggest political crisis to hit Spain in recent years.

Hundreds are set to descend for the march which is scheduled for Monday, October 9 at 5pm.

From Glasgow to Barcelona: March with Catalonia has been organised by Radical Independence.

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On the event page, they wrote: "On Monday it is anticipated that Catalonia will declare independence.

"We will assemble in George Square and intend to march to La Pasionaria to symbolically link Glasgow with the struggle in Catalonia.

"The brutality of the Spanish state has produced a larger crisis that asks questions for the whole of Europe.

"Millions of people now see what happens when ordinary citizens peacefully exercise their power. And millions have seen the worst excesses of the state machine."

READ MORE: Why is everyone talking about Catalonia and why is Scotland being mentioned?

It added: "Now, after the referendum, the struggle continues against repression and for democracy and civil rights.

"This has transformed into a European crisis. All democrats must stand up and be counted. Our vision is for a world that priorities democracy and need, not repressive power and profit.

"For a social Europe, for a Europe based on the needs of the masses - not the rich elite and their institutions.

"We will stand with the new, radical and democratic movement of Catalonian citizens."

The Catalan region, of which Barcelona is the capital, held an "independence referendum" last Sunday which led to violence when voters were met by Spanish riot police.

According to Catalonia’s Regional Ministry of Health, 893 citizens were injured along with 19 National Police officers and 14 Civil Guard officers.