IT'S not uncommon to lose a few things during a night on the town. 

And it was no different for one Glasgow reveller who ended up losing his top while out at a club night in the Classic Grand.

Unfortunately for him, the taps aff look didn't go down too well with security staff at the Jamaica Street venue, who asked him to leave.

Luckily a fellow clubber saved the topless partygoer from getting thrown out by donating him her silky jammies.

Claire Anderson from Rutherglen shared a snap of the pair smiling side by side in the club, with him donning the floaty white top. 

She posted alongside the photo: "One of the few clear memories a have is of going into infeXious and a boy was getting papped out for not having a T-shirt on. 

"I went into ma bag, gave him my jammy top out and saved him from being papped out.  

"Seen him hours later and he was still cutting about wearing it - amazing." 

Definitely a People Make Glasgow moment right there!