If I was to give my honest opinion on it, I would say that I feel as though Gordon Strachan has done a decent enough job as Scotland manager. But what we would all appreciate as managers is that ultimately the only thing that counts are results.

And that has been two full campaigns as well as a half one when he first took the job and still we have not managed to land ourselves at a major tournament.

Ultimately, that is what you know you are going to be judged on as Scotland manager.

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Had we at least made it to a play-off spot and not gone through I think the situation would have been viewed slightly differently.

But ultimately the defining moment is the disappointment of Sunday.

Whenever you fail as manager then you know that everything will be scrutinised and every judgement called into question. Genetics or not, the bottom line is that we did not make it and that is a bitter pill for everyone to swallow after so long in the international wilderness.

Having got ourselves into a position where we thought we had a chance, a position that came after a lacklustre start to this campaign, there is a real feeling of just what might have been for Scotland.

The team selection was one where he went with experience as he looked to get over the line and I just wonder whether or not in hindsight he might have done it differently.

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For me, John McGinn was the one I would really have liked to have seen in there from the start.

There is no question that even in that first game against Slovakia last Thursday night that we badly missed the influence of Scott Brown in the middle of the park and the pace and energy of Stuart Armstrong too. McGinn doesn't have the experience but he played out of his skin the previous weekend at Celtic Park and he is a player offers similar athleticism to Armstrong.

I would also have had Callum McGregor in there, even if just coming off the bench.

McGregor has been exposed to Champions League football and it is a level comparable to that of international football.

In any case, it is gone now.

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And whatever happens next, the biggest thing for me is that there does not have to be a huge rush to get it done.

There is ample time to make a decision that is the right one and to do it without feeling as though it has been done immediately.

There will be other managers out there who might fancy their chances at the job with the usual names suspected of throwing their hat into the ring.

I do think Gordon Strachan is a good manager.

I also think that the manager's job at Scotland is one that will always be coveted.

If it transpires that he is not in the post for the new campaign then I do think it will attract considerable interest.

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The most disappointing aspect of Sunday night was a performance that you felt just wasn't up to the standard set in recent, previous games.

It really took until the last five minutes before there was a rallying call to try and get a goal and by that point there was just the feeling that it had gone.

As I said, there is always criticism in defeat and Gordon is long enough in the tooth to appreciate that it comes with the territory.

I think we can all appreciate the frustration of seeing other countries with similar sizes to us making it through while we watch another one pass us by.