BOGUS workmen stole jewellery from an elderly woman after entering her home.

The pair claimed to be carrying out work, despite neither of them having any tools.

They entered the 89-year-old woman's home in Hurlford Road, Kilmarnock, on Wednesday.

One of the men distracted the elderly woman whilst the other went into another room and stole items of jewellery which included a pearl necklace and two watches.

A police spokesman said the pearl necklace had "great sentimental value and was bought by the woman to pass onto her daughter.

"She is extremely upset at the loss of this item."

The suspects are described to be around 6ft, in their 30s and both with short dark hair. One of the men was wearing a black baseball cap, maroon jumper and grey jogging bottoms.

The suspects made off after the incident and are thought to have travelled on foot.

Detective Constable Jamie Carruth, Kilmarnock CID, said: “It was a frightening experience for the elderly lady who was duped into believing the men were there to help her.

"These men have no conscience, they have preyed upon a vulnerable woman within her own home and it is imperative we trace them.

“I am appealing to people in the local community to think back and consider if perhaps they saw these men in the area prior to the incident. Did you see them loitering anywhere? Did you notice them? If you have any information then please do contact us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.